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HR Decision Makers

What’s new in the industry? Which solution helps you improve the workplace?

We help you create a workplace innovation strategy with the right priorities and select the partners that best fit your business.


Which startups show promise?
What do you need to know before you invest?

Our deep insights into the HCM Ecosystem will help you understand which innovative vendors stand out and are poised for growth.

HR Tech Founders

How do you sell your services?
Do you think in terms of client outcomes?

We help you define a thoughtful value proposition that resonates with your clients, and share it with HR decision makers.

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About HRTechRadar

The workplace can be so much better when we unleash the power of technology. Do you know how much innovation is out there? And where to find the rising stars?

HRTechRadar is a global community for HR and workplace innovation, easily accessible to everyone in the industry, with a special focus on young companies. Our curated community connects founders with decision makers and investors, partners and mentors.

Our Founder, Anita Lettink, is fascinated by new technologies and passionate about ensuring startups get every opportunity to show innovative solutions that empower the workforce.

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