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Does Working from Anywhere make it difficult to empower employees?

The covid-19 pandemic quickly made remote and mobile work the new norm for many office workers. But because it was a sudden event, there wasn’t a lot of time to properly prepare, let alone create policies to support employees.

One of the topics we discuss is why some companies and even countries were better equipped than others to work through the pandemic. How where people enabled to basically move their whole life online in such a short time?

Define your Working from Anywhere approach

Now that we know we will be working from anywhere for the foreseeable future, it’s time to take a step back and properly think through your setup:

  • How do you enable your teams to work from anywhere and pick the location where they are most productive and able to achieve their set goals? 
  • How do you create high performing teams experiencing a greater sense of mutual trust and collaboration regardless of the location of colleagues? 
  • How do we re-invent leadership models to explore the best ways to empower, inspire, and develop teams? 

Huapii graciously invited me to be the first HR Expert to share my thoughts on their new huapii podcast. Listen as Rita Antunes Figueiredo Carvalho and I discuss what companies, and especially HR, need to do next:

Interview on enabling Working from Anywhere

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