HR Technology is doing just fine!

Just as I was wondering if HR Tech investments could get any better…
…along comes January and delivers another off the charts month.

And even though I’m not planning on a monthly update, I made an exception this time because of the total value. During the whole of 2021, there was only one month (October) that saw a higher influx of capital.

The trends don’t change:
–         The largest category remains HCM & Pay
–         Within that category, besides payroll, several Earned Wage Access solutions were funded
–         Talent Acquisition comes next
–         Talent Management is third, sharing this place with Mental Health solutions, that are making a funding come back

What I find worth mentioning is that the funding rounds were spread across the globe, much more so than in 2021. From Nigeria to Mexico, Indonesia to South Korea and Kazakhstan to Vietnam, it is good to see that investors are looking outside of North America and Europe to find promising solutions.

Also, the list of investors is getting longer and longer – I see many new names that weren’t on my list last year.

I’m looking forward to getting to know these new solutions a little better. Let me know if you have questions!