BrightHire Raises $3M for its Intelligent Interviewing Assistant

Brighthire raised a $3M seed round led by Flybridge Capital along with participation from Ground Up Ventures, RTP Ventures, J Ventures, and Haystack, Silas Capital, Rabil Ventures, and a number of angels, entrepreneurs, and operators.

 CEO and Cofounder Ben Sesser said: “We founded BrightHire because we saw a massive gap between how important hiring is and how poorly it’s often done. BrightHire is designed to transform the actual moments that matter in the hiring process. We bring structure directly into hiring conversations, concrete evidence into every hiring decision, and produce new and invaluable insight into what is actually going on in the heart of the process: interviews.”

BrightHire is an HR tech startup that’s launching its intelligent interview management platform that serves as a real-time assistant during interviews that ensures interviews are being conducted with a company’s goals, values, and needs in mind.  BrightHire’s interview assistant can be integrated directly into software that companies are already using for candidate interviews like Zoom and the platform records, transcribes, and analyzes all interviews, providing a robust data set that provides transparency around a company’s hiring process and allows for collaboration in hiring through HR stakeholders.

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