Culture Shift Raises £1.5M to Prevent Workplace Bullying

Culture Shift, a Manchester UK-based HR tech firm helping to prevent workplace bullying, raised £1.5M in funding. The round was led by Praetura Ventures and Blackfinch Ventures.

Led by Gemma McCall, CEO, Culture Shift provides a proprietary online reporting platform that gives organizations the insight they need to monitor and prevent bullying and harassment in educational institutions and workplaces.

The software provides individuals with a safe environment to report an event and then offers direction to appropriate emotional or practical support. The system also provides the organization with data to manage and address any particular issues or a growing pattern of misconduct that may have been occurring, as well as a case management tool to effectively manage communication with the involved parties.

The company intends to use the funds to make a significant number of new hires in Manchester, and expand into new markets across the UK to enable more UK organizations to proactively improve culture.

Announcement: Culture Shift Raises £1.5M to Prevent Workplace Bullying