eloomi Announces $55M for People Development

eloomi, a global cloud-based people development software company, today announced a $55 million strategic investment from Great Hill Partners, a private equity firm that invests in high-growth, disruptive businesses. 

“We have succeeded in positioning eloomi for success in a highly competitive market where our solutions deliver immediate value for our customers. We have a strong product that is user-friendly and solves the challenges of many businesses seeking to acquire, develop, and retain their employees.” Claus Johansen, CEO and Founder at eloomi continues, “Through upskilling and development of their people, our customers achieve substantial benefits with eloomi, such as increased motivation, engagement, and productivity, often resulting in increased employee retention rates.”

eloomi offers a leading SaaS corporate learning and performance management platform that enables HR Directors to easily distribute training content to internal and external users, while monitoring their progress and streamlining coaching, reviews, and 360 feedback. 

Great Hill’s investment is expected to accelerate eloomi’s growth in the United States and support further expansion of the Company’s go-to-market and product development efforts.  

Announcement: eloomi Announces $55M for People Development