Everee Receives $10M for Modern Payroll

The Salt Lake City based company Everee raised $10 million in its Series A funding led by Origin Ventures of Chicago and Salt Lake City and Signal Peak Ventures of Salt Lake City. Everee, founded in 2018 by Derek Newbold, Kyle Jacobsen, Piers Mainwaring, Ron Ross, and Tyler Ploeger. Brett Barlow leads as CEO and Ron Ross serves as President and COO.

Everee is a payroll enterprise allowing employees to receive their paycheck on any chosen day. It’s a full-service payroll platform that, in addition to offering flexible pay options, also offers a seamless experience to quickly verify hours and run payroll from anywhere. With this investment, Everee is trailblazing the payroll industry by allowing employees to receive money when they need it most with their Pay Your Way product. There is no fee to access wages and no cap on how much can be withdrawn.

“This is your money, you earned it, you should have access to it,” said Rosebush. Employees can choose if they want to be paid daily, weekly, or stick with the traditional two-week pay cycle.

The funding will accelerate the company’s growth to support hiring, advance product development and expand its sales and marketing efforts

Announcement: Everee Receives $10M for Modern Payroll