interviewIA Raises $2M for Job Interview Workflow

interviewIA, a Denver, CO-based technology platform that manages all aspects of the job interview workflow to enable the coexistence of equitable and efficient hiring, raised $2m in seed funding. The seed round was led by The Colorado Impact Fund, with participation from FirstMile Ventures, Rockies Venture Club, Outbound Capital, Dasein Capital, Stout Street Capital, and Service Provider Capital. 

Joe Thurman, CEO of interviewIA, adds, “Our technology allows organizations to implement new and innovative approaches to hiring. We are using workflow management to change the way the world builds teams and create a more inclusive future of work. There is no better time for technology, like interviewIA, than post-pandemic and in the middle of a true desire for social change around the world. We’re grateful to have investors that align with our vision to build better workforce solutions and strategies.”   

The company intends to use the funds for strategic hires and product development as well as growth initiatives.

Announcement: interviewIA Raises $2M for Job Interview Workflow