jobpal Acquired by SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters announces the acquisition of jobpal, an enterprise-grade chatbot technology, to take recruitment efficiency to the next level. The move enters SmartRecruiters into the rapidly growing recruitment process automation (RPA) market, where the future of recruiting prioritizes human interactions and automates repetitive, time consuming tasks. In a world where TA leaders receive 4X the candidate volume but have half the resources on their team, automation is the only way to keep up and continue to offer great experiences to everyone. As the leading talent acquisition suite, automation will be deeply embedded into every step of SmartRecruiters’ recruiting workflow engine to unlock massive efficiencies for hiring teams. 

It’s clear that recruitment process automation is required to free recruiters from the mundane administrative tasks that keep them from doing what they do best – relationship building and hiring great people,” says Jerome Ternynck, Founder & CEO of SmartRecruiters. “We’re excited for the future where candidates are better matched to jobs, and recruiters are better matched to people. Automation within the core talent acquisition suite is a big step towards achieving this mission.”

Announcement: jobpal acquired by SmartRecruiters