Mbrella Raises €2.5M for Mobility

Mbrella, the Brussels tech startup that is fully committed to flexible mobility for employees, has raised 2.5 million seed capital from Lab Box, D’Ieteren’s start-up studio.

“Covid-19 and the changing tax regime for company cars have accelerated the demand for flexible mobility solutions at companies. Thanks to the platform, employees can put together a mobility plan based on their own needs, without increasing the administrative workload for the HR department. With this we meet the increasing demand for flexible business mobility”, said Amaury Gerard, CEO of Mbrella.

Mbrella is an HR platform that helps companies create and manage a flexible mobility plan for employees. It centralizes all mobility solutions and ensures correct payroll processing thanks to its integration with various social secretariats.

Mbrella will invest this capital in the further development of its mobility platform. The funding will also be used to double the team next year to 25 employees.

Announcement: Mbrella Raises €2.5M for Mobility