Metaview Raises $6M for Interview Intelligence

Metaview announces a $6M Seed investment led by Jonathan Heiliger of Vertex Ventures US, alongside Fly Ventures, Seedcamp, Village Global, PrimeSet, Moving Capital, Palumni, Abakar and Sultan Saidov (Beamery co-founders), Matt Robinson (GoCardless and Nested founder), and Jerry Ting (Evisort co-founder).

Siadhal Magos, co-founder and CEO of Metaview, commented:  “Our mission is to power hiring decisions with truth. The best companies know it’s their people that determine their ability to succeed as an organisation. Yet for the longest time they’ve been recruiting based on guesswork, memory, and bias. Previously, any data that was used to improve hiring performance only ever measured the symptoms, never the causes. Now we can bring transparency to the previously opaque interview process, and use technology to improve the most important moments in hiring.”

Organizations are desperately struggling to hire at the speed and with the quality they need. Metaview’s platform enables fast-scaling businesses to harness data to strengthen and optimise the most important part of the hiring process – the interview.

The funding will be used to accelerate hiring and grow the teams.

Announcement: Metaview Raises $6M for Interview Intelligence