Neobrain Raises €20M for Talent and Skills Solution

Neobrain, a SaaS solution for HR skills management based on AI and Big Data, has just raised 20M in Series A. This round of financing was led by Alter Equity, Crédit Mutuel Innovation and XAnge via La Poste Ventures and its historical investor, Breega.

“In an environment where the war for talent is raging, organisations need, more than ever, to know their competencies and to develop them in order to retain their employees,” says Paul Courtaud, CEO of Neobrain.

NEOBRAIN is a start-up specialising in the use of AI for skills management and workforce planning. It is the originator of a technology (platforms and application) that enables the anticipation of emerging skills and the identification of gaps with available resources.

Neobrain will expand its HR offering and accelerate its deployment in France and internationally.

Announcement: Neobrain Raises €20M for Talent and Skills Solution