Nooks Raises $5M for Remote Work Solution

Nooks, a Palo Alto, Calif. – based platform for distributed teams to work, hang, and collaborate with the real-time human connection of working in the same room, raised $5m in seed funding. The round was led by Tola Capital with participation from Floodgate, Julia and Kevin Hartz, CEO & chairman of Eventbrite; and Julia Lipton, founder of Awesome People Ventures.

Nooks helps teams move faster by replacing hours of unproductive meetings and overwhelming chat notifications with fluid, spontaneous conversations. Nooks users can see where everyone is at any given moment, and talking with a teammate is always one click away. In their Nooks office, teams set up rooms for dedicated projects where individuals gather to work towards a specific goal, such as launching a new feature. They can keep relevant analytics dashboards, project management tools, and other workplace apps in the room to align the team and enable easy collaboration.

“We’re solving a sociology problem, not just a technology problem. In our hasty transition to remote work, we forgot about the human elements of working together,” said Daniel Lee, the CEO and co-founder of Nooks. “Remember when we could just have normal conversations that weren’t scheduled? You could just turn your head and share an idea or ask a question. Nooks brings that magic online.”

The company intends to use the funds to continue to expand operations and its business reach.

Announcement: Nooks Raises $5M for Remote Work Solution