Online Training Platform Yunxuetang Raises $100M

Yunxuetang, an online corporate training services provider focused on China, has raised $100 million in Series E funding from Tencent. Previously, it had obtained multiple rounds of financing from investors YF Capital, Dazheng Capital, Susquehanna International Group (SIG) and others. As of this round, the accumulated financing amount has exceeded $300 million.

Yunxuetang provides massive high-quality content and intelligent precise matching services to tailor learning content for customers and users. The company also has set up local one-on-one learning operations and consulting services that provide customers with a variety of three-dimensional, including remote assistance, intelligent customer service, and on-site services. Yunxuetang also enables corporate clients to develop and operate online training software customized to their employees.

The company said it will use the proceeds to improve services and build “a content ecology” that will aggregate professional corporate training mentors and institutes to deliver personalized and intelligent learning content.

Announcement: Online Training Platform Yunxuetang Raises $100M