PitchMe Raises $1.2M to Remove Recruitment Bias

PitchMe, a UK skills-based talent marketplace that aims to remove biases during the recruitment process, has raised a seed funding round of $1.2 million, led by New York seed fund Starta Ventures and joined by a UK-based family office and a number of angel investors.

The platform aims to replace the traditional CV with a system that presents candidates’ soft skills and hard skills to employers, using a methodology designed by behavioural scientists. It boils down to big data algorithms which extract information on job candidates from more than 60 online sources, and then vetting them and presenting the info anonymously to potential employers.

CEO Dina Bayasanova said: “As employers across industries try to take advantage of the talent surplus caused by COVID-19, we are seeing an increasing demand for a more accurate assessment of skills – this has led to a 300% growth in demand for our profiling and matching services. We are thrilled to have secured funding to continue in our mission to make the future of work more inclusive and connect the right talent with the right opportunities for their personal and professional growth, regardless of background.”  

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