Platypus Raises €2.3M to Help Companies Reduce Staff Turnover

Platypus, the SaaS startup that improves person-organisation cultural alignment to reduce staff turnover, announces it has raised around €2.3 million from social impact fund Mustard Seed MAZE, the Nordic technology fund Inventure, the Danish state’s investment fund Vaekstfonden and others. The company will use the investment to accelerate its early-stage growth and customer traction. 

Platypus was founded in February 2019. Its mission is to help companies discover what their employees value at every stage of the talent lifecycle, from attraction, to management, to retention. Within 10 months of its launch, the company is already working with multiple customers across several markets, including Denmark, Latvia, Singapore, Sweden, the UK and the US, to minimise staff turnover and all the associated costs. 

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