Reejig Raises $15M for Talent Intelligence

Reejig backers have almost tripled their initial investment, putting down an additional $15 million just four months after a $6 million Series A capital raise. The initial funding round was led by Skip Capital, headed by Kim Jackson and her husband, Atlassian co-founder Scott Farquhar, Airtree Ventures, Greta Bradman and Culture Amp’s Didier Elzinga.

“The world has been waiting for a long-term solution that allows organisations to create engaged and agile workforces, while supporting their people in building meaningful careers. I’ve been so fortunate help leaders all over the world navigate ‘The Great Reejig’, and this is just the beginning,” said Reejig CEO and co-founder, Siobhan Savage.

Reejig launched in 2019 and uses AI to give management an overview of the skills base within a company’s workforce, also benchmarking it aggregating data from the existing enterprise HR system.

The additional funds will be used to continue growing the team and fuel global expansion, with a new Silicon Valley team now ready to take on the US market.

Announcement: Reejig Raises $15M for Talent Intelligence