Sprockets Receives $10M for Equitable Hiring

Sprockets closed a Series A funding at $10mm with participation from Forte Ventures, Healthy Ventures, Thayer Ventures, Lytical Ventures, Blue Ventures and VentureSouth.

Sprockets CEO and founder AJ Richichi said, “We are building a better way to hire. This capital will help us bring an equitable and efficient hiring process to millions of companies and job seekers nationwide.”

The hiring platform reveals which applicants are right for client needs, empowering them to build a strong, cohesive staff that will stay long-term. Trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands, it’s proven to boost 90-day employee retention by an average of 43%.

The investment will help Sprockets further help business owners hire and retain the very best hourly employees, even during a labor crisis.

Announcement: Sprockets Receives $10M for Equitable Hiring