Teemyco Raises $1M in Seed Funding

Teemyco, a Stockholm, Sweden-based virtual office provider, completed a $1m seed funding round.

The round was led by VC Luminar Ventures, with participation from the early stage venture capital firm Antler, recruitment firm Gazella and a list of prominent angel investors.

“When we founded the company 12 months ago, none of us could have predicted the explosive growth in remote working that the pandemic has initiated. Strategically we’re trying to redefine and broaden the virtual office space by enabling users to break free from being isolated in their digital office and instead encourage them to have spontaneous interactions with their colleagues”, said Teemyco’s co-founder and CEO Charlotte Ekelund.

“An office is where the magic happens, and we bring those moments of ad hoc interactions to physically distributed teams. For example, the platform’s functionality allows you to see what’s going on in the office and what projects are being worked on – pick a room to work side by side with a colleague or perhaps grab a digital coffee with them in the coffee room – or even signal when you’re busy and don’t want to be disturbed.”

The new funds will be used to launch the company’s service and recruit key hires.

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