Tribute Raises $1.5M for Employee Mentoring

Tribute raised $1.5 million over a two-part seed round. Investors were Portland Seed Fund, Tapas Capital, DNX Ventures, Avalanche VC, Mastersfund and ScoutFund.

Founder and CEO Sarah Haggard was at Microsoft for a decade before launching Tribute in 2018. The startup was recently selected to partner with Microsoft Viva, the company’s employee experience platform.

Tribute, which integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams, is trying to solve the fear-of-commitment hurdle that prevents mentor-mentee relationships from ever getting off the ground. The app limits a mentoring interactions to a month, with the option of both parties agreeing to renew for additional 30-day stretches.

Announcement: Tribute Raises $1.5M for Employee Mentoring