Turing.com Announces $14M Seed Round

Turing.com, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based provider of an automated platform that allows companies to hire software engineers, raised $14m in seed funding. Investors in Turing’s seed round include Foundation Capital led by Ashu Garg, Adam D’Angelo, Facebook’s first CTO & CEO of Quora,Gokul Rajaram, Cyan Banister, Beerud Sheth, founder of Upwork, Jeff Morris Jr., as well as executives from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Amazon.

According to Turing CEO and Co-Founder, Jonathan Siddharth, “We were already growing fast prior to the coronavirus crisis. I think remote work is here to say. COVID has accelerated a shift that was already underway. We’ve seen a 5-year shift play out in the last 5 months. A lot of companies that want to go remote-first still face key obstacles on sourcing, vetting & managing remote developers. It’s really hard to find silicon valley caliber developers who are remote. It’s hard to evaluate developers who are remote. It can also be frustrating to communicate with remote developers across different timezones. Often the right kind of daily, weekly syncs don’t happen. It’s hard to manage performance. That’s why we built Turing. Turing is creating a new category of verticalized remote work in the cloud. It’s a cloud of developers, that’s sourced by software, vetted by software, matched by software and managed by software. It’s AWS for Talent. What if, you could “push a button” to hire and manage remote developers?” 

The company intends to use the additional capital to continue developing its platform, refine its automated matching, monitoring, and management tools, and increase headcount in the organization’s sales, engineering, and marketing departments.

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