Virtual Workspace Platform Qatalog Raises $15M Series A

Qatalog, a London-based startup that has developed a “virtual workspace” that brings together disparate SaaS tools to help teams function better, is disclosing $15 million in Series A funding. Leading the round is European venture capital firm Atomico, with participation from Salesforce Ventures, and angel investors Jacob de Geer (CEO/co-founder of iZettle), Chris Hitchen (partner at Inventures, founder Getprice), and Thijn Lamers (former EVP at Adyen). As part of the investment, Atomico partner Irina Haivas will join the board.

“We connect to a company’s various tools, pull as much information about them as possible together, and ask for additional information as needed,” CEO Tariq Rauf explains. “Users can then search across their workspace and tools from one place; create teams and projects and wire up all the different silos into them; set trackable goals and connect them to various tools, people, teams and projects; and build workflows that can be assigned and tracked across the team”.

By building what Rauf calls the “work graph,” Qatalog wants to unify workplace information to make it much more accessible and transparent, and with the ability to automate routine work and enable SaaS tools to talk to one another. In doing so, the idea is that teams can work smarter and collaborate better throughout the organisation.

Announcement: Virtual Workspace Platform Qatalog Raises $15M Series A