Willo Raises £630k for Video Hiring

Willo announced that they have raised a £630k seed round. The cash injection – from high net-worth investors including ex Freeserve PLC COO Mark Danby, ex BT talent chief Susan McRoberts, and entrepreneur and Santander Global Head of Digital Mobility Solutions Jose Ignacio Puente – takes the overall investment in the Glasgow-founded tech firm to more than £1 million. This round has been led by Guernsey-based early stage tech investment firm 1818 Venture Capital, which also invested in Willo’s previous round.

Euan Cameron, co-founder of Willo, believes recorded video will be the next iteration of the cover letter – and it could soon replace the CV completely. “Willo unlocks the potential to recruit in any market unbound by geographical barriers, ensuring businesses grow with the right people for part time, permanent or even project based roles. The investment we have received demonstrates the belief in that model, and we are tremendously excited to grow our team in new markets to help businesses grow with the right people. There are an increasing number of evangelists who are spreading the word of our platform and how it takes the pain out of the hiring process by providing so much more than a CV or cover letter ever could.”

The firm remains on target to grow turnover to £44m million by the end of 2025, an ambition that will include reaching more than one million video interview completions per month – a key metric for the burgeoning firm – and in excess of 32,000 paying customers (80,000 paying users).

The new investment will be used to develop new products, supercharge marketing and grow the 17-strong Willo team with new hires. Immediate growth plans will be focused on the USA and Australia, where new team members have already been recruited, as well as continued expansion in the UK.

Announcement: Willo Raises £630k for Video Hiring