Select and Buy your Next Payroll like a PRO!

And negotiate the best contract ever!

Selecting and buying a new payroll can be one of the most important and intimidating purchases you ever make. You only do this every few years, while the vendor does this for a living. It’s clear to see who has the upper hand.

So, let’s do something about that!

In this insightful guide, Anita Lettink helps you through the maze of selecting a payroll that best meets your requirements. She discusses the models that are available and helps you simplify your selection. Full of insider tips and tricks, this essential book will take the pressure and uncertainty out of getting the best payroll for your business.

This comprehensive book provides you with insights and knowledge found nowhere else, based on the payroll projects in which Anita has been involved during her 20+ years in the industry, on the vendor as well as on the buyer side.

This experience allowed her to write this practical, empowering and easy to follow workbook, including templates and tools to get you started quickly. When you want a jump start and great results, this book is the answer.

Written in an easy-to-digest way, this helpful book guides the conversation you need to have with the payroll vendors and lets you be in control. You’ll feel more confident when dealing with payroll vendors, and better equipped to identify the important criteria that will make your final selection successful. You will be armed with a wealth of knowledge that takes the stress out of buying your next payroll.         

This book includes:

  • Mapping out your approach
  • Defining your payroll specifications
  • Buying a solution or services
  • Pricing details
  • Selecting the right vendor
  • Service levels
  • Contracting
  • And much, much more

Praise for How to Select your Next Payroll:

“Anita shares her experience and years of insider knowledge in this easy-to-read book that provides a practical, step-by-step approach for selecting your next Payroll application, tailored to organizations of all sizes. It would be a mistake to make your next Payroll selection without this book.” ―Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer and Managing Partner, Sapient Insights Group
“Reading this book means you are off to a great start. It touches on all aspects required to select a fit-for-purpose payroll solution, and I have the scars to prove it. Make sure to finish the book before you start your (global) payroll journey, so you begin with the end in mind.” ― Max van der Klis-Busink, Senior Global Payroll Lead, Zoom
“Anita’s book is a must have “payroll sourcing field guide” for leaders navigating the buying process for managed payroll services. An easy read packed with valuable insights and guidance derived from years behind the scenes in the complex payroll marketplace.I highly recommend it as a great starting point and key resource along the payroll sourcing journey!” ―Pete Tiliakos, Global Payroll Product Strategy Leader, Alight

“This book is the most comprehensive guide to payroll selection ever written. Anita’s experience as a pioneering payroll technology influencer shines through as she successfully navigates the reader through every step required to achieve a successful vendor selection or payroll implementation outcome! ” ―Nick Day, Founder & Owner, JGA Recruitment Group

“Payroll systems and delivery models are now very much a front-burner issue for HR executives, largely due to globally recognized experts like Anita Lettink. She is a go-to resource for me and so many others.” ―Steve Goldberg, HRTech analyst and advisor

About the author

Anita Lettink is an international speaker, author, and advisor. After a global career in HR and payroll consulting, Anita started her own business to help people understand how work is changing and how they can prepare their employees and companies to thrive.

Anita has been recognized as a Top 25 Future of Work Global Thought Leader, a Top 10 Innovator, and a Top 100 HR Tech Influencer. She is the founder of and a Partner at Strategic Management Centre.