Beam Australia Launches Beamible with $1.5M Investment

Australian flexible work company, Beam Australia, has launched a new cloud-based, data-driven start-up and platform, Beamible, to uncover workforce insights that help organisations improve hybrid and flexible work design, recognise new risks in a hybrid workplace, create a more inclusive workforce and tackle fast-accelerating issues such as employee burnout. Beamible received $400,000 from the recent Accelerating Commercialisation Grant via the Department of Industry, adding to over $1.1 million raised in private investment.

“We hosted a roundtable with nearly 40 companies and government agencies, including BHP, Xero, Dan Murphy’s, Services Australia and Woolworths, in March and there is a real impetus to reshape the way we work,” said Co-Founder and CEO Victoria Stuart. “This is about a new era of flexible working and recognising the real business risks that exist around failing to develop inclusion, company connection and leadership capability.”

Announcement: Beam Australia Launches Beamible with $1.5M Investment