DataPeople Raised $8M to Achieve Equity in Recruiting

Datapeople, that sells software designed to make recruiting more equitable, announced that it has raised $8 million across two funding events, including a $5 million round in mid-2020. The company, which counts Uncork Capital, NextView Ventures and First Round Capital as backers, does two things. Its initial product, what Datapeople calls “Language Analytics,” scans job postings, offering suggested edits to customers to help them attract a more diverse group of applicants.

Co-founder Phillip Reyland said: “Recruiting is an industry brimming with people who want to make a difference, who want to help qualified candidates, regardless of their background, land a great job. We built the first recruiting analytics platform to serve both well-intentioned hiring teams and the candidates that enter their hiring processes. We believe that the only way we’re going to meaningfully address the opportunity and visibility gaps so many candidates face is by giving hiring teams the data they need to make more thoughtful and accurate decisions about their hiring processes.”

The company intends to double its staff.

Announcement: DataPeople Raised $8M to Achieve Equity in Recruiting