Finch Raises $3.5M for Universal Payroll and HR API

Finch came out of stealth mode and announced a $3.5M Funding Round to develop their Universal Payroll and HR API. General Catalyst led the round, which saw participation from a number of industry executives, including the founders from Ramp and Brex, two competing startups, and Digits.

Finch was founded by Jeremy Zhang and Ansel Parikh. Finch connects customers to payroll and HR data via an API, offering both a free version of its product to entice developers, and a paid version of the product that is priced either as a pay-as-you-go service, or with a SaaS-like pricing provision.

Jeremy Zhang said: “Finch does the hard work of integrating with payroll and HR systems to expose a clean, unified API interface to developers. We build the infrastructure for many systems that touch employee records and facilitate data from employers to applications.”

Announcement: Finch Raises $3.5M for Universal Payroll and HR API