Findem Closes $30M for Intelligent Hiring

Talent acquisition platform Findem raised $30 million in a Series B round led Four Rivers and Quarry Capital Management. The investment brings the company’s funding to date to $37.3 million.

“We’ve built an AI recruiting platform unlike anything that exists and, with that, we’re enabling recruiters, sourcers and other talent leaders to achieve the unthinkable.” said Hari Kolam, Co-Founder and CEO. “Purple squirrels (candidates who are perfect for a particular job) are hard to come by, but we’ve managed to find them for our customers, as well as our own team, using the Findem platform. Searching by attributes also helps reduce bias in the sourcing process and generate more diverse talent pools, a key benefit to our customers.”

Findem uses AI and contextual logic to emphasize a candidate’s relevance for a given position. The company’s platform indexes and analyzes people data from 100,000 sources and turns them into searchable candidate attributes.

The funding will be used to continued expansion. Findem is planning to expand internationally to assist more global organizations in addressing their hiring need.

Announcement: Findem Closes $30M for Intelligent Hiring