People Intelligence Platform Findem Raises $7.3M in Series A Funding

Findem, from San Francisco is emerging from stealth mode with the launch of its People Intelligence platform, a data-driven approach that transforms the way companies define, retain and get introductions to top talent, giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace. Findem also closed a $7.3 million Series A funding round to help propel its growth. Wing Venture Capital led the round, and founding partner Gaurav Garg has joined Findem’s board.

“When companies start bringing people-centric data to bear on recruitment, skills gaps, diversity, talent development, performance, retention and organizational structure, they thrive and their employees thrive,” said Findem CEO Hari Kolam. “The timing could not be better for Findem to drive the future of people intelligence, especially with the tailwinds of AI and BI at our backs. Our sights are set on helping companies turn their talent into a true business strategy and competitive advantage.”

Announcement: Findem Raises $7.3M in Series A Funding