Goshaba Raises €3.5M for Talent Inclusion and Diversity

Goshaba announced it has raised 3.5m€ round, led by Orange Ventures alongside Daphni, INCO, Founders Future and BNP Paribas.

“Thanks to Goshaba, beyond responding to recruitment challenges, professional retraining and assessments of key interpersonal skills for companies, we also allow everyone to have access to positions in accordance with their potential and aspirations. . Goshaba makes the world of work fairer and more diverse,” says Camille Morvan, President of Goshaba.

Goshaba combines video games, data and cognitive sciences to design a solution for recruitment that evaluates soft skills, attracts more diverse profiles and helps inclusion.The solution gives organizations the keys to select the most competent people for a job, i.e. those who are the most likely to succeed in the position.

This investment will enable Goshaba to expand its functionalities and double its workforce

Announcement: Goshaba Raises 3.5M for Talent Inclusion