Gupy Raises $7M for Hiring Platform

Gupy, a Brazilian HRtech platform, recently raised $7M (R$40M) from Oria Capital. The fund focuses on investing in high-growth tech organizations that are consolidated in their markets.

Gupy’s AI technology called Gaia, helps HR teams hire 60% more efficiently. With data from more than 10 million users, Gaia’s algorithm is constantly improving. Through machine learning, Gaia is able to reduce hiring biases and promote diversity within hiring processes.

“At this moment, companies need to digitize their recruitment and selection processes more than ever. Being able to hire online and with AI has proved to be– in addition to the safest alternative for employees and candidates– the most efficient and precise way. This has helped us expand our business, even in this scenario,” commented Mariana Dias, Gupy CEO and founder.

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