inFeedo raises $3.2M for Employee Experience Bot

inFeedo announced that it has raised $3.2 million in an oversubscribed round after Y Combinator’s Demo Day that took place in August this year. The round is led by Bling Capital and its founder Benjamin Ling, previously a general partner at Khosla Ventures and had executive roles at Google and Facebook, has assumed a board seat at InFeedo. Founded in 2013, inFeedo launched its employee-experience bot Amber in 2016, to help the HR functions of global organisations. Earlier this year the company raised $700k from Y Combinator.

Tanmaya Jain, CEO and Founder of inFeedo, said: “With this fundraise, we will reinforce our belief to invest in incredible individuals driven by curiosity to unlock our next phase of growth. Most importantly, I’m extremely grateful to see the kind of wealth we’ve been able to create during a pandemic for our employees and investors, who stuck with us through thick and thin.”

The employee-experience bot can have conversations with remote employees and predict employees who are disengaged or about to leave. Amber thus helps CEOs and HR leaders get an immediate pulse of employee pain points across teams. It helps to identify culture, diversity, and leadership gaps.

Announcement: inFeedo raises $3.2M for Employee Experience Bot