Raises $10M for Interview Success, the technical interview practice platform that is reinventing how software engineers get hired, today announced it has raised a $10 million series A led by M13.

On the platform, software engineers can book mock interviews with the roster of hiring managers from FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google (Alphabet)).

“The only way to effect real change in hiring is to make doing the right thing cheaper and faster for employers, and that’s exactly what our performance-based system does,” said Aline Lerner, founder and CEO of “We’re living proof that the concept of ‘lowering the bar’ to diversify your talent pool is ridiculous. Many of our engineers who come from top schools or companies get outperformed by their non-traditional counterparts. We get companies the best engineers, period, and not only raise the bar but save them hundreds of hours.” gives engineers the tools to get better at technical interviews and get in front of great companies, while giving employers access to a pipeline of rigorously-vetted, premium talent from a vast range of backgrounds.

Announcement: Raises $10M for Interview Success