Let’s Dive Raises $1.7M for Remote Employee Engagement

Let’s Dive, a platform for remote engagement and team building, announced that it has raised $1.7M of funding in a finance round led by Surge, Sequoia Capital’s scale-up programme for start-ups in India and South-East Asia.

“In this new world of remote work, keeping your employees happy and engaged is your biggest challenge,” says founder Nitesh Agrawal. “We eliminate isolation by creating a social space where staff can come together.”

The platform enables workers to meet up online to play games, watch YouTube videos together, or simply to hang out with one another. In other words, it begins to replicate some of the social experiences that people enjoy when they share a physical workspace.

So far, Let’s Dive has rolled out on an invite-only basis, but its fundraising round gives it the firepower to invest in distribution and to start building scale.

Announcement: Let’s Dive Raises $1.7M for Remote Employee Engagement