Loopteam Launches Virtual Office

Co-Founders Jag Singh, Jag Srawan and Rolf Rando shared that they are officially launching Loop Team 1.0 for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

Loop Team is a virtual office for distributed teams to help them communicate faster, capture and share discussions, and stay more connected. It’s focused on reimagining the best parts of working in an office together for your distributed team. 

“We’ve looked at a lot of the interactions that happen when you’re physically in an office — the visual communication, the background conversations, the hallway chatter, the serendipitous bumping, things like that. And we built an experience that effectively is a virtual office. And so it tries to represent the best parts of what a physical office experience might be like, but in a virtual form,” Singh said.

Loop Team has made “presence” a key part of the experience, focusing on features that replicate the best parts of working in a physical office

Announcement: Loopteam Launches Virtual Office