Mighty Labs Raises $4.3M in Seed Funding

Mighty, the work technology platform built to lead remote and cross-functional teams, today announced that it has closed $4.3 million in seed venture funding from Slack Fund, GSV Ventures, Origin Ventures, Album VC, Acadian Ventures, and Village Global. 

“The future of work is remote, cross-functional, and dynamic, and it demands a new level of cohesion, awareness, and visibility inside organizations,” said Brent Alvord, co-founder and CEO. “Work and people get buried under layers of tools and hidden by cross-functional or remote activities. Teams spend hours each week in meetings or wading through detailed project management systems to address this today. It’s taxing for everyone, but particularly managers, who are not just trying to guide work, but also coach people and keep executives informed. Mighty is working to automate many of those efforts so managers can lead with insight and confidence, and teams can focus on what matters. We’re excited to come out of beta soon and help organizations succeed in this environment.”

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