Mursion Closes $20M Series B Financing

Mursion, a San Francisco, CA-based provider of immersive virtual reality  training for emotional intelligence in the workplace, closed a $20m Series B financing.The round was led by Leeds Illuminate. 

“Mursion was founded on the basis that human skills, such as the ability to give constructive feedback and to deescalate interpersonal conflicts are not merely “nice-to-have” capabilities in the workplace, they are paramount to an individual’s and an organization’s success,” said Mursion CEO Mark Atkinson. “Numerous studies have proven that companies that build a mutually supportive culture at work show more growth in revenue.” 

Mursion is at the forefront of training individuals to be more empathetic and emotionally adept via virtual reality simulations that feature immersive interactions with human-guided avatars. Organizations turn to Mursion for a safe place to practice human skills, such as emotional  intelligence, adaptability, and resilience, in an authentic risk-free environment where the danger of harming the individual’s performance and company’s reputation is eliminated. By blending AI with live human interaction, Mursion offers a virtual environment for practicing critical human skills in a consistent, customizable, cost-effective way, at scale.  

Announcement: Mursion Closes $20M Series B Financing