Sigma Resources Acquires Simcoach Games

Sigma Resources today announced an agreement to acquire Simcoach Games. Through this acquisition, new game-based solutions will be developed to empower the individual and address the needs of education and workforce training sectors.

“Learning strategies and educational products are rapidly changing, and Sigma and Simcoach synergies will accelerate this evolution,” says Ms. Sandy Kaleida, Sigma Resources CEO. “We believe our combined efforts will advance the learning transformation that educational institutions, workforce organizations and business enterprises require, and diverse and energized learning communities deserve.”

Ms. Jessica Trybus, Simcoach Games’ founder, sees this transaction as forwarding her vision for Simcoach Games. “I founded Simcoach with the vision that we could positively change lives using video games. I’m proud of the hundreds of solutions we delivered that changed lives, purportedly saved lives, and otherwise inspired real life motivation in players.” Ms. Trybus adds, “I am also proud of the company we built and our reputation with our employees, partners and customers. Our values align with Sigma and through this partnership, I see an opportunity for all this amazing work to be leveraged and our vision for education and workforce development to be accelerated.”

Announcement: Sigma Resources Acquires Simcoach Games