Torre, the NextGen Work Platform, Raises $5M Seed Round is a recruiting and talent search platform that uses matching algorithms to enable the most optimal pairing of candidates and companies.

According to their Q2 report, the company has officially closed (and oversubscribed) its US$5 million seed round. The round’s investment stack includes mostly angel investors such as Diego Piacentini,—former VP of Amazon and Apple—, Mike Shoemaker— former Global Director of Product Operations at Uber—, Rodrigo Schmidt—senior Head of Engineering at Instagram—, Brian Requarth—founder of Viva Real—, as well as MatterScale Ventures. 

“At the core of our 2+ years developing, Torre has always been remote work. The pandemic accelerated its adoption from what we had projected to be 10 years to a couple of months, and fortunately, our team has been up to the challenge,” said Torre CEO, Alexander Torrenegra.

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