Workstream, a Deskless Work Platform, Raises $ 10M to Serve Native Companies

Workstream, a hiring platform and mobile app that streamlines the sourcing and onboarding of hourly workers, today announced the closing of a $10M Series A funding round. The round was led by Keith Rabois of Founders Fund, who will be joining Workstream’s Board of Directors. 

“Workstream is already helping customers in sectors like healthcare and logistics facilitate recent surges in hiring. Workstream’s technology will make it much faster and easier for industries like food service and hospitality to aggressively ramp up hiring of hourly workers as the economy reopens in the coming months,” said Keith Rabois, of Founders Fund.

“Our North Star has always been the concept of doing right by our clients,” said Lei Xu, Chief Product Officer of Workstream. “Businesses need all the help they can get right now, so we’re prioritizing features that save them money. Our new integrations make it easy for employers to file for WOTC, so they can save $9,600 in tax credits for every qualifying new hire.” 

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