YouCruit Raises $11.5M for Driver Hiring

YouCruit announced it received an $11.5 million investment to support the continued growth of its trucking industry marketplace application. Coeli Investments led the round with participation from Viarp Invest, Primas Invest, Djakne Startup Studio and other undisclosed investors.

The company has raised $20.5 million in total for developing niche industry recruiting applications. This is its first investment under its strategy and focus on improving hiring in the trucking industry.

“YouCruit was founded in 2012 as a general recruitment marketing tool focusing on multiple industries but since last year had a one industry focus — trucking. Over 5,000 trucking companies have joined the platform since last year and we keep on growing, with hundreds of companies creating accounts and posting new trucking jobs every month,” said Mats Holmback, co-founder and CEO of YouCruit.

“To satisfy the hiring needs of the companies currently on the platform, we need to find over 220,000 drivers every year for them. That’s not a small number. The capital raised will be used to accelerate our Lanefinder brand awareness strategy, introducing drivers to the massive supply of jobs on the platform on a much larger scale, and to grow our team in Tulsa, Oklahoma,” said Holmback.

There is no fee for the recruiting platform,. Instead, the company charges trucking companies a per-hire fee for each candidate it successfully places.

Announcement: YouCruit Raises $11.5M for Driver Hiring