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Spotlight on HR Tech in Ukraine

Like many of you, I am watching the developments in Ukraine unfold. Even though we saw things unravel, it was still a shock to wake up Thursday morning to a new reality, where the war had started and the country and most of its cities are under heavy military attacks.

Over the past months, I have been engaged with a company in Ukraine. I’ve met many of their talented people as we worked on a project. It’s unthinkable that they are now executing the contingency plans to relocate their people while many of them have been drafted to fight for their country. It makes me feel helpless at a time that we need to show solidarity. So what can we do?

Ukraine has a thriving, vital Technology Ecosystem, as well as a startup scene, and that includes a list of companies that create HR Technology solutions based in Ukraine – see below for details.

The current situation is full of uncertainties, and we don’t know where this is headed or how long it will last. But one thing seems certain: many of them won’t be able to return to their homes shortly. And that means they need our help. As do these companies. They will need everything: a location, places to let their people work, meet with clients, run their business, house employees. And in the longer term, support to repair and refurbish offices and homes. If you can offer logistical or financial assistance, now’s the time to let them know.

But above all, these companies will need paying clients, so that their employees can rebuild their lives. As all infrastructure runs in the cloud, these companies can survive as long as people buy their services. This is not the time to take a look at the list and start poaching people from affected companies to ease your staffing problems, unless they specifically ask for a job. I realize that businesses are not philanthropies, but sometimes you have to do the right thing.

I know the HR Community is a tight knit group of people. I hope we reach out and help others in times of great distress. I have added the contact details of the Ukrainian HR Tech companies below. I am sure that they would appreciate your note of support. Let them know you think about them, and offer your help.

And if I missed your company in the list – let me know.

Other ways to help:

HR Tech companies in alphabetical order:

CasersWe help companies to organize case competitions, universities to teach on real business tasks, youth to get practical experience, get acquainted with TOP companies and receive a job offer or internship.
ChoizyCareer guidance online platform
CleverStaffApplicant Tracking System offering customizable software for Recruitment
HirioA smart toolbox which enables to design digital processes and automate the applicant funnel for mass recruitment teams.
HR-HanzaHanza Recruitment solution
HurmaHR and Recruitment system
JobTailorJob tracking solution
MatchHRMatcHR helps companies find and hire the best tech talent the world has to offer.
MorbaxDigital Talent Management Platform – Review thousands of profiles from your talent pool in seconds with ML. Morbax automatically sources, pre-selects, and evaluates candidates before an interview and shortlists the best-matched candidates to the company’s HR representatives
My1stJobYouth job-resource, where candidates and companies instantly find each other by target Soft Skills, a system of filters and comparisons.
NuworkA unique HR-instrument for ultra geo-targeting vacancy placement.
OnboardOnboard is a training system for sales, support, and partnership departments. Focus on company growth, while Onboard pumps up employees and partners with automated courses, quizzes, and performance insights.
Party.SpaceParty.Space is a video chat platform for creating engaging virtual corporate and community events.
PeopleForceHR Software for Business
Plai.teamPlai is a people and performance management platform for forward-thinking companies, designed with millennials in mind.
RecruittyRecruitty is a marketplace that matches tech talent with the world’s most innovative companies. Recruitty combines job matching with career counseling to help people find a job they love.
Re:zumeAn HR tech software for quick and quality job search. At its core, it is a career roadmap for company employees and job seekers. The service makes it possible for companies to create clear career paths for their employees
StudyDiveSingle platform to manage employee development plans that helps companies to increase employees’ learning engagement while decreasing spending on content procurement and management is a full-cycle platform with artificial intelligence. It is designed to find and interact with IT recruiters and job seekers, minimize the timing of closure vacancies and improve the efficiency of teamwork.
TechMagicTechMagic builds user-friendly and functional HRM and HRIS applications for startups and established businesses in the HR tech industry.
VR InnVR-tech company focused on enterprise training solutions to deliver, manage, and control training of employees.